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Tri State Crematory Pleadings

Tri State Crematory is a case creating historic legal issues for our courts to consider.  Although not traditionally considered legal forms, pleadings tell a story of how a case develops by presenting the legal theories, arguments and facts presented by lawyers.  This case tested the limits of the law testing the legal system in ways never presented.  From the Fifth Amemendment to the testimony of witnesses these pleadings an trascripts show us how the legal system dealt with one of the most signficant legal cases of our time.

DOWNLOAD : Tri State Crematory Master Complaint US District Court ND GA

DOWNLOAD : TN Court of Appeals Dismissal of Crawford claim against Marsh

DOWNLOAD : Tennessee Akers v Tri State Opinion

DOWNLOAD : Georgia Class Action Plaintiff Motion to Enforce Settlement

DOWNLOAD : Georgia Class Action Marsh Response on Motion to Enforce Settlement

DOWNLOAD : Georgia Class Action Trial Transcript August 2004

DOWNLOAD : Tennessee: Order Decertifying Tennessee Class in Tri State Crematory Litigation

DOWNLOAD : Tennessee Marsh Appeal Crawford v Marsh

DOWNLOAD : Tennessee Marsh Appeal Akers v Marsh

DOWNLOAD : Tennessee Court of Appeals Ruling on Marsh right to Fifth Amendment Privilege

DOWNLOAD : Oden v. Tri State Trancript of Class Certification Hearing