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Ask Atticus - A New Legal Resource

Remember Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird?" In honor of the title character we are developing Ask Atticus.  Legalease's goal is to provide you information about your legal system.  If you have a question send the question to us, and we will have a lawyer respond to your inquiry.  Ask Atticus is an information service designed to help you, click to ask your question or give us a comment.

Ask Atticus, your information source about your legal system. Watch for changes in ask Atticus, including a real time discussion, and blogging on what you want to know about your legal system.

Click on the logo below and you can email your issue or question to the folks who work with Ask Atticus.  If we cannot find an answer to your question, we will refer you to someone who may be able to  help you.  Ask Atticus is your legal resource to find answers to your questions, so ask Atticus now by clicking on the logo below.


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